Mission and Tradition

Mission and Tradition

Excellent quality natural products

At Olis de Catalunya we offer high quality natural products and are committed to our environment, the land and collaboration with our cooperatives. We pay special attention to our roots in this land and try to inspire our entire team with the values that have made us stand apart as an organisation:


To be at the forefront and lead the market, it is important to develop continuous innovation that can be used to provide products and services that anticipate the market and adapt to the needs of our cooperative partners and clients.


It is essential to have an international presence and to operate in potential markets for our products, exporting the Mediterranean values and flavours that characterise us.


As we work we respect and conserve the environment and the people around us, aiming for profitable and sustainable growth as the best guarantee for the future of our land.


We are committed to returning the trust of our customers with products and services that guarantee their satisfaction.


We produce natural top quality products, which preserve the flavour and essence from the land they come from. For this reason our product catalogue is based on extra virgin olive oils with prestigious protected designations of origin such as DOP Siurana.